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Posted by Danielle on July 20, 2004, 7:58 am | Comment? 3
From todays Daily Mirror Newspaper

NO sign of a truce between Busted and wild child rocker Kelly Osbourne.
The lads fell out with Kelly, 19, after she called them ugly. "They've all got acne and wear more make-up than I do," she said. "They play, like, air guitar. They're the stupidest, most ridiculous fools ever." But hitting back in this week's Heat magazine, Charlie Simpson rants: "Kelly loves the fact that her dad, Ozzy, is a legend. But that's the thing. Her dad is a legend. She's not." Over to you, Kel...

What they fail to mention is Busted started this, by totally slagging Kelly off before they had even met her.
Ergh i wish they would have their day like Westlife, A1 backstreet boys and all the rest of those boy bands, unfourtantly people haven't woken up and seen the light yet with this band.



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